Iza Calzado Topbills ‘Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit’

Iza Calzado stars on her first Sine Novela, the tv remake of "Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit."

Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit is a 1984 classic drama starring the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. Iza Calzado will reprise the lead role about a woman who will do everything just to meet her dreams.

Also in the cast are Angelika dela Cruz, Wendell Ramos, Isabel Oli, Victor Aliwalas, Lani Mercado, Rainier Castillo, Pinky Amador, Ana Capri, Ryan Yllana and Bobby Andrews.

The said Sine Novela is being helmed by renowned film director Topel Lee (Ouija, Sundo).

The 17th offering of GMA’s Sine Novela premieres on Monday, September 28, under the Teledrama sa Hapon block.

VIDEO LINK: Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit Teasers

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