Kimmy Dora Earns P30 Million on its 1st Week

The critically-acclaimed indie comedy movie "Kimmy Dora" starring Eugene Domingo has scooped an estimated P30 million on its 1st week of screening.

For an independent film with no less than Piolo Pascual as one of the producers, the P30 million gross can be considered a box-office hit.

Kimmy Dora is produced by Spring Films and distributed by Solar Films. It did not come from the major leagues in RP filmmaking like Star Cinema, Viva Films, Regal Films, etc. that’s why it’s considered an indie film.

Technically speaking, Kimmy Dora was made using the same cameras the big players are using and Piolo Pascual made it clear that it’s not a digital film. Nevertheless, it’s still an indie film and it could be the highest-grossing one at that.

According to reports, the production cost of Kimmy Dora is more or less P20 million. Since it was graded “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) last week, Spring Films is 100% exempted from paying amusement tax to the government. It means the producers are now on the verge of getting the returns of their investment (ROI) since 50% of box office gross will go to theater owners.

Now on its second week, Kimmy Dora is bound to rake in another P10 million or more at the box office. The P30 million has the potential to double after a month because of the recommendations of the first people who have seen the movie. It is highly possible that Kimmy Dora surpasses P60 million at the box office in its full run but hitting P100 million may be difficult to achieve.

For an indie film to surpass P20 million is already a feat. After all, Piolo Pascual and co. badly needs to profit from this film to recover their losses in their first venture – Manila (although Manila is an art film and not a commercial film).

I really thought Kimmy Dora has the potential to surpass the P100 million mark. It was shown in SM Cinemas and the critics have only good words for the film. Perhaps the opening of 5 Hollywood movies consumed a large part of the box office pie. Bruno, Year One, Final Destination, Obsessed and Land of the Lost also debuted last week. But then again, it’s still week 1 for Kimmy Dora. We shall see in the coming weeks.

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