Darna’s Super Villains

A superhero doesn't shine without his/her super villains. Check out the super villains in the upcoming GMA primetime series Darna (2009).

Paolo Contis as Kobra. This creature is half-human half-snake.

Nadine Samonte as Babaeng Impakta. Her name is Roma, A Vampiric female born with a conjoined parasitic demon-twin.

Francine Prieto as Babaeng Tuod. She’s called “Lucifera”, a woodwitch who has the ability to fight enemies by means of her vines and roots, and can turn plants into deadly weapons. Also known as Lucila.

Ehra Madrigal as Babaeng Lawin. Her name is Armida, a winged female with Hawk-like predatory qualities.

Maggie Wilson as Babaeng Linta. Her name is Lutgarda, a bloodsucking circus-freak who can manipulate the weather.

Iwa Moto as Valentina, Darna’s no.1 nemesis. She is Mars Ravelo’s most popular villain. Her character was also made into a movie a long time ago. The reel was found in Thailand.

Images courtesy of GMA-7.

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