Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe (The Rapture of Fe) – Cinemalaya Cinco Finalist

Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe (The Rapture of Fe) is one of the 10 finalists competing in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Starring in the movie are Irma Adlawan as Fe, TJ Trinidad as Arturo, Nonie Buencamino as Dante with the special participation of Mercedes Cabral as Gie. Introducing in the movie are Joel Molina and Meeyo Candelaria. Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe is written and directed by Alvin B. Yapan.

Synopsis: Each morning, baskets of black fruits mysteriously appear by the front yard of Fe. Thinking that it was a reconciliatory gesture from her abusive husband, Dante, Fe tells him about it. This only confirms Dante’s suspicions that she might be entertaining a lover. Fearing her husband’s jealousy, Fe grows even more scared as the fruits kept coming, a step closer to her front door. She keeps everything to herself until she turns to a former suitor, Arturo. When Fe urges Arturo to elope, she finds out that the young man has far more binding commitments with his family. Caught between an abusive husband and an impotent lover, Fe has to decide. Will she escape with her elusive suitor who could very well be just a figment of her imagination or stay trapped with the men in her real life who could never protect her nor make her happy? Caught in a society where violence still remains unimaginably real and covertly present, could the imagined be real enough for a woman to assure her survival?

VIDEO LINK: Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe (The Rapture of Fe) – Trailer

Here is the Cinemalaya festival sched of “Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe”:

July 18 (Sat)

3:30 p.m. – Little Theater

July 19 (Sun)

9:00 p.m. MKP Hall (4th Floor)

July 21 (Tues)


July 22 (Wed)

12:45 p.m. Huseng Batute

July 23 (Thu)

3:30 p.m. MKP Hall (4th Floor)

July 24 (Fri)

12:45 p.m. Main Theater

July 25 (Sat)

3:30 p.m. Huseng Batute

For tickets, contact Alem at 0917.8110217 or 0922.8992536.

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