Aljur and Kris Hits Primetime with ‘All My Life’

Their love team marked the most successful soap opera of GMA for all time. Now, Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal will be a primetime force to be reckoned with.

All My Life is an upcoming romantic Drama series from GMA Network which is set to premiere on June 29. The premise revolves around young lovers Jules (Aljur Abrenica) and Romina (Kris Bernal), with their romance shrouded by their families’ conflict.

Main cast

* Aljur Abrenica as Jules Antazo
* Kris Bernal as Romina Silverio

Supporting cast

* Manilyn Reynes as Linda Antazo
* LJ Reyes as Maricar Guillen
* Jay Manalo as Danilo Antazo
* Gelli de Belen as Olivia Silverio
* Zoren Legaspi as Marlon Silverio
* Lani Mercado as Sydney
* Gladys Guevarra as Angelique
* Chris Cayzer as Donald Fermo
* Stef Prescott as Staycie
* Jade Lopez as Fushia May
* Bryan Termulo as Edward
* Moymoy Palaboy as Kilabot Boy
* Jay Aquitania as Arkin
* Krissa Mae Arrieta as Fernanda
* Byron Ortille as Toby

The theme song of All My Life is “Friend of Mine” which is sung by Aiza Seguerra. All My Life is created by Aloy Adlawan and directed by Mac Alejandre. It will take the time slot of Totoy Bato beginning June 29, 2009.

VIDEO LINK: All My Life Teaser

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