10th Golden Trailer Awards – 2009 Winners

The 10th Golden Trailer Awards named this year's best in motion picture previews.

10th Annual Golden Trailer Award Winners

Show Category Winners

Best Action:
Fast and Furious, AV Squad, Universal

Best Animation/Family:
WALL-E, Craig Murray Productions, The Walt Disney Studios

Best Comedy:
Bruno, The Ant Farm, Universal Pictures

Best Documentary:
Man on Wire, The Editpool, Icon Film Distribution

Best Drama:
Frost/Nixon, Empire Design, Working Title Films

Best Horror:
The Unborn, Buddha Jones, Rogue Pictures

Best Independent Trailer:
The Wrestler, Mark Woollen & Associates, Fox Searchlight

Best Music:
Where the Wild Things Are, The Ant Farm, Warner Bros.

Best Romance:
500 Days of Summer, Mark Woollen & Associates, Fox Searchlight

Best Thriller:
Angels & Demons, Trailer Park, Sony Pictures

Best Video Game Trailer:
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Eyestorm Productions, Lucasarts

Best Voice Over:
Tropic Thunder, Buddha Jones, DreamWorks

Golden Fleece:
The Spirit, Seismic Productions, Lionsgate

Most Original:
My Winnipeg, Kinetic Trailers, IFC Films

Summer 2009 Blockbuster:
Star Trek, Aspect Ratio, Paramount Pictures

Trashiest Trailer:
One Eyed Monster, The Refinery, Liberation Entertainment

Best In Show:
Star Trek, Aspect Ratio, Paramount Pictures

Non-Show Category Winners

Best Motion/Title Graphics:
Repo! The Genetic Opera, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Sound Editing:
Fast & Furious “Trailer 2”, AV Squad, Source Sound for Universal

Best Trailer – No Movie:
Divine Shadows, The Solid State

Foreign Trailer Winners

Best Foreign Action Trailer:
Red Cliff Part 2 “No Surrender”, Happy Hour Creative, Avex Entertainment

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer:
Die Vorstadtkrokodile, Trailerhaus, Constantin Film

Best Foreign Drama Trailer:
Arrancame La Vida, Fix Comunicacion, 20th Century Fox

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer:
Let the Right One In, Kinetic Trailers, Magnet Releasing

Best Foreign Romance Trailer:
The Last Mistress, Kinetic Trailers, IFC Films

Most Original Foreign Trailer:
Sin Nombre, Focus Features, Focus Features

Best Anime Trailer:
Persepolis, Zealot Productions Inc, Optimum Releasing

TV Spot Winners

Best Action TV Spot:
Fast & Furious “Superbowl Spot”, AV Squad, Universal Pictures

Best Animation/Family TV Spot:
Up “Adventure/Rope”, Create Advertising Group, Walt Disney Pictures

Best Comedy TV Spot:
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian “Larry is Back Kids”, Workshop Creative, 20th Century Fox

Best Drama TV Spot:
Frost/Nixon “Until Now”, Alkemi Entertainment, Universal Pictures

Best Horror TV Spot:
The Haunting in Connecticut “News”, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Independent TV Spot:
The Spirit “Believe”, Mojo LLC, Lionsgate

Best Foreign TV Spot:
Gomorrah, Mark Woollen & Associates, IFC Films

Best Music TV Spot:
The Spirit “Christmas Day”, Seismic Productions, Lionsgate

Best Romance TV Spot:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button “No Limits”, Trailer Park, Paramount Pictures

Best Summer 2009 TV Spot:
Star Trek “Dare”, Intralink Film, Paramount Pictures

Best Thriller TV Spot:
Transporter 3 “Little Positive”, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Video Game TV Spot:
Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Eyestorm Productions, Ubisoft

Most Original TV Spot:
Ghost Town “ET Review”, Gas Station Zebra, DreamWorks

Poster Winners

Best Action Poster:
Transporter 3 “Final Poster”, Ignition Print, Lionsgate

Best Animation/Family Poster:
Where the Wild Things Are “Peeking Teaser”, Mojo LLC, Warner Bros.

Best Comedy Poster:
Pineapple Express “One Sheet”, Ignition Print, Sony Pictures

Best Documentary Poster:
Man on Wire “Key Art”, allcity, Icon Film Distribution

Best Drama Poster:
W “Chin”, Crew Creative Advertising, Lionsgate

Best Horror Poster:
The Uninvited, Art Machine, Paramount Pictures

Best Independent Poster:
Transsiberian “Teaser Poster”, Mob Scene, First Look Studios

Best International Poster:
Pontypool “Pontypool”, bpg

Best Romance Poster:
500 Days of Summer, Mojo LLC, Fox Searchlight

Best Summer 2009 Blockbuster Poster:
Star Trek “Final One Sheet”, BLT & Associates, Inc., Paramount Pictures

Best Teaser Poster:
The Ugly Truth “Teaser”, Ignition Print, Sony Pictures

Best Thriller Poster:
Crank: High Voltage “Final Poster”, Ignition Print, Lionsgate

Best Video Game Poster:
Wanted “One Sheet”, Ignition Print, Warner Bros. Interactive

Best Wildposts:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “Individual Wildposts”, Crew Creative, Warner Bros.

Most Original Poster:
$9.99 “Poster”, The Solid State

Trashiest Poster:
Bitch Slap “Trixie”, Greenlight Designs

Advertising in Theater & On Screen Winners

Best Pre-show Theatrical Advertising
17 Again “NCM Trailer”, Mob Scene, Warner Bros.

Best Standee for Feature Film:
Friday the 13th, Ignition Print, Warner Bros.

Most Innovative (Out of the Box) Advertising for a Feature Film:
The Day the Earth Stood Still “Viral Custom VFX”, Interlace Media, 20th Century Fox

Most Innovative (Out of the Box) Advertising for a Brand/Product:
Two Towers, The Creative Partnerhship, UK Film Industry Trust

Film Festival Winners

Best Film Festival Trailer:
Black Dynamite, Killer Kreative

Best Film Festival Poster:
LA Shorts Fest, Crew Creative

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