Karylle Replaces Marian Rivera as Endorser of Blue Water Day Spa

Karylle anticipated that there will be an issue regarding her taking over the endorsement job for Blue Water Day Spa from Marian Rivera.

Last year, Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual were launched as the official endorsers of Blue Water Day Spa. Last month, the wellness hub introduced new faces to the public: Karylle and the Japanese-Brazilian model Akihiro Sato.

Karylle knew that being the new female endorser of Blue Water Day Spa will ignite some intrigues because she once had a rift with the former endorser Marian Rivera. It has been a hot story in showbizlandia late last year that Marian Rivera is the third party behind Karylle’s break-up with former boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

Karylle is quick to explain that her selection for being the endorser of the spa Marian once endorsed was attributable to her faithfulness to the spa.

“I’m sure there were some who will add color to it, but I’ve been going to Water Day Spa for about four years. I was not afraid to face intrigues, ngayon pa after all that had happened! And there’s really nothing to fear,” she said.

Here are Karylle and Akihiro Sato as the new endorsers of Blue Water Day Spa:

And here are Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera as former endorsers of the wellness hub:

Images courtesy of Blue Water Day Spa.

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