American Idol Season 8 – The Finale

Live blogging the American Idol Season 8 finale.

The finale:

1. Ryan Seacrest‘s Opening Remarks – he said under 100 million votes came in, a total of 624 million votes for season 8. He introduces the judges with matching funny clips.

2. Ryan introduces the final 2 – Kris Allen and Adam Lambert who are both dressed in white. Michaela Gordon is hosting the viewing party for Kris in Arkansas while Carly Smithson is hosting in San Diego.

3. The Top 13, who are all dressed in white, perform Pink’s “So What”.

4. David Cook performs “Permanent”. The song is for his late brother Adam who recently succumbed to brain cancer.

5. The Golden Idol Awards are back. Nick Mitchell, the funny guy who made it to Top 36, wins.

6. Lil Rounds performs “Cue the Rain” with Queen Latifah.

7. Anoop Desai, Alexis Grace and the rest of the Top 13 perform “I’m Yours” with Jason Mraz.

8. The Journey of Kris Allen is shown.

9. Kris Allen and Keith Urban perform “Kiss a Girl”.

10. The Top 13 girls sing “Glamorous” with Fergie taking the stage singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry” afterwards. Allison introduces the Black Eyed Peas who perform their no. 1 song “Boom Boom Pow.”

11. More Golden Idols. Best attitude goes to Katrina “The Bikini Girl” Darrell. She performs “Vision of Love” with judge Kara DioGuardi stealing the spotlight from Bikini Girl, wearing a bikini herself.

12. Allison Iraheta performs “Time After Time” with the legendary Cyndi Lauper.

13. Ryan interviews Kris Allen’s parents, then heads over to the other side of the auditorium to interview Adam’s parents.

14. Danny Gokey performs “Hello” with THE Lionel Ritchie.

15. Adam Lambert performs with the rock band Kiss.

16. The Top 13 perform “Smooth” with Carlos Santana.

17. The last Ford music Video is called “I will Remember You” featuring Adam Lambert and Kris Allen with a montage of all the season’s Ford videos.

18. Steve Martin plays the banjo with Megan Joy and Michael Sarver singing “Pretty Flowers.”

19. The Top 13 boys take the stage singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy.” Adam introduces Rod Stewart singing “Maggie May.”

20. The Last Golden Idol, this time for Best Female, goes to Tatiana del Toro.

21. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen perform “We Are the Champions” with Queen.

22. Finally, the winner of American Idol season 8 is announced. The microphone trophy goes to the black horse, Kris Allen!

Video Link:

Kris Allen performs victory song “No Boundaries”

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