Allison Iraheta is Eliminated on American Idol

The last female standing, Allison Iraheta, is going home tonight. Danny, Adam and Kris are the all-male Top 3!

Ryan Seacreast kicks off the American Idol Top 4 results show by announcing that a whopping 64 million votes came in. After some opening remarks and a little chat with the judges the Top 4 Ford music video is played.

Ryan had a little chat with the Top 4 who are now seated on the stage. Danny says that Wednesday nights are the most tiring on Idol. Kris says he never expected to make it this far. Simon Cowell slams him saying they don’t want humble anymore!

Ryan asks Danny about his final note the night before. Danny says he watched the playback and laughed the whole night. Even his own aunt muted the television!

Afterwards, Paula Abdul performs her latest single “I’m Just Here for the Music” followed by No Doubt with Gwen Stefani singing “I’m Just A Girl.”

Ryan shows 3 silver stools for the Top 3 while the Top 4 line up the stage. He starts the deliberation with Allison first, then with Danny, then with Adam and lastly with Kris. He sends Kris Allen to the first silver stool.

Quintuple Platinum awardee Daughtry performs their new song No Surprise. Ryan then reminds the people that Chris Daughtry was shockingly eliminated in season 5 ending in 4th place just like the contestant leaving tonight. He presents Chris Daughtry with a plaque commemorating five million albums sold!

Ryan is now ready to fill up the two remaining stools. The second person who has made it into the Top 3 is – Adam Lambert. After Adam occupied the second stool, Ryan starts with “After the record-setting vote…Danny is SAFE! Allison is going home tonight.”

Allison Iraheta, wipes her tears to sing one last song on the Idol stage.

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