Matt Giraud Eliminated, Adam Lambert Bottom 2 on Idol

With over 47 million votes, Matt Giraud, who was once saved by the judges, finally goes home placing 5th this season.

During the deliberation, Ryan sent Kris Allen and Matt Giraud on the left side of the stage while Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey were sent to the right side leaving Adam Lambert to choose between the 2 groups.

Adam chose Danny and Allison’s group but he was sent still to Kris and Matt’s group. Ryan eventually declared that Danny and Allison were safe leaving Kris, Matt and Adam as tonight’s bottom 3.

Kris Allen was removed from the anxious group leaving Matt and Adam as the bottom 2. Adam’s fans were shocked with the result.

After a record-breaking 47 million votes, Adam is told that he is safe and Carrie Underwood’s song played for Matt Giraud.

Season 8’s Top 4 in no particular order are:

Danny Gokey
Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta
Kris Allen

Next week’s theme is Rock Music, Allison’s forte.

Video Link: American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Results Night

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