RP No. 7 in Beauty Pageants Worldwide

Global Beauties made a ranking of the top-performing countries in the 5 most prestigious beauty pageants in the world since 1951 and Philippines is at no. 7 from a list of 215.

The system was implemented by the popular pageant website which makes possible to measure the performance of each participant country in the five most acclaimed beauty pageants since the first one of them, Miss World, came to life in 1951. The other four included in what they call the “Grand Slam Pageants” are Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Tourism Queen International.

The following is an overview of the basis on which the ranking is calculated.

a) Considered for the ranking are all countries which have participated in a ‘big 5’ women’s pageant or ‘big 3’ men’s pageant, taking into account the results of such competitions since 1951. Points earned in pageants held in the last 10 years are worth 10 times more than points earned in pageants held before that.

b) Once a new pageant is held, results from exactly ten years ago are divided by 10, and the new ones are added. (ex. All points earned by countries during the 1998 Miss World pageant were divided by 10 immediately after results of Miss World 2008 were added to the ranking. Israel’s 600 earned points in Miss World 1998, for instance, became 60 points, after Miss World 2008 points were introduced).

c) The ranking list is calculated on by a computer program which assigns a country points for its achievements in a major international contest, according to clearly defined criteria.

d) The factors taken into consideration are winning or placing among finalists and semi-finalists in a ‘big 5’, or simply participating in such pageants. Special prizes such as Miss Photogenic, Miss Amity, Best National Costume, etc, are also worth points.

e) Points are awarded as following:

– pageant’s winner: 200 points + 100;
– finalists: 2nd place (190 points + 50), 3rd place (180 points + 50); 4th place (170 points + 50), 5th place (160 + 50), 6th place (150 points + 50), 7th place (140 points + 50);
– semifinalists and/or quarterfinalists: 6th place (150 points), 7th place (140 points), 8th place (130 points), 9th place (120 points), 10th place (110 points), 11th place (100 points), 12th place (90 points), 13th place (80 points), 14th place (70 points), 15th (60 points), 16th (50 points), 17th place (40 points), 18th place (30 points), 19th place (20 points), 20th place (10 points);
– special awards:
a) Miss World (Miss Photogenic, Best National Costume, Miss Personality, Best Evening Gown) – 1st place (5 points), 2nd place (4 points), 3rd place (3 points);
b) Miss Universe (Miss Photogenic, Best National Pageant, Miss Congeniality) – 1st place (5 points), 2nd place (4 points), 3rd place (3 points);
c) Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Tourism Queen (Miss Photogenic, Best National Pageant, Miss Congeniality) – 1st place (5 points), 2nd place (4 points), 3rd place (3 points);
– participation: all countries participating in a particular Grand Slam pageant which have neither advanced to the semifinals, nor won any special awards, earn 1 point.

f) When exact results for all ranking positions are not made available, an average of those is calculated to determine points earned by such countries (ex- In Miss World 2002, where rankings from 6th to 10th and from 11th to 20th were not revealed, each of the semi-finalist countries in the top 20 earned 55 points (10+20+30+40+50+60+70+80+90+100/10), while those who placed among the top 10 earned 130 points each (110+120+130+140+150/5).

g) A weight is given to each of the ‘big 5’ women’s pageant and ‘big 3’ men’s pageants before points are added to determine the Grand Slam Ranking.

Based on tradition, years of existence, television telecast and audience, production quality, press interest and number of participant countries, it was agreed that Miss World and Miss Universe results would be multiplied by 2.0; Miss International results would be multiplied by 1.0, Miss Tourism Queen International would be multiplied by 1.0 and Miss Earth results would be multiplied by 1.0.

Mister World results would be multiplied by 2.0, Manhunt International results would be multiplied by 1.5 and Mister International results would be multiplied by 1.0.

h) At the end of each year, three awards are given. The “Country of the Year Award” goes to the country with the best performance in that particular year alone. The “Grand Slam Award” goes to the country which has finished the year in the overall 1st place. The “Best Mover of the Year Award” will be given to the country which has made the most significant improvement in the ranking within the last 12 months.

The Philippines has won 8 crowns from all of the grand slam pageants since 1951 except for Miss World.

Filipina Grand Slam Beauty Queens:

1. Gloria Diaz – Miss Universe 1969
2. Margarita Moran – Miss Universe 1973
3. Gemma Cruz Araneta – Miss International 1964
4. Aurora Mckenny Pijuan – Miss International 1970
5. Melanie Marquez – Miss International 1979
6. Precious Lara Quigaman – Miss International 2005
7. Justine Gabionza – Miss Tourism Queen Int’l 2006
8. Karla Henry – Miss Earth 2008

By winning 8 crowns and placing as runner-ups and semi-finalists in the grand slam pageants since 1951, the Philippines earned 5039,7 points which is good for seventh place in the list of 215 countries and territories. So who says those countless Photogenic awards have no value?

Here’s the Top 20 of the Grand Slam ranking as of March 2009:

To view the complete ranking, click here.

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