Oscars’ 9 Semi-finalists for Best Foreign Language Film Announced

From 65 entries from around the world, the 9 semi-finalists for the 2009 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film were announced.

The 9 foreign language movies are as follows:

The Baader Meinhof Complex (Germany)
The Class (France)
Departures (Japan)
Everlasting Moments (Sweden)
The Necessities of Life (Canada)
Revanche (Austria)
Tear This Heart Out (Mexico)
3 Monkeys (Turkey)
Waltz With Bashir (Israel)

Only 1 entry from Asia made it to the semi-finals this year, the film about death entitled “Departures” which is an entry from Japan.

In the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards, the 5 finalists were:

Waltz with Bashir (Israel)
The Baader Meinhof Complex (Germany)
Everlasting Moments (Sweden)
Gomorrah (Italy)
I’ve Loved You So Long (France)

Israel’s entry “Waltz with Bashir” won the Golden Globe this year. Can it duplicate the victory in the coming Oscars?

The Philippine entry “Ploning” starring Judy Ann Santos failed to make the cut.

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