Dingdong Dantes Ranks 6th on E! Entertainment’s 25 Sexiest Men of the World

E! Entertainment (USA) finally released its complete ranking of the 25 Sexiest Men of the World (2008) and our very own Dingdong Dantes is no. 6 on the list!

Dingdong is the highest-ranking Asian celebrity who made it to the list. Other Asian hunks include John Abraham of India (Top#7), Edison Chen of Hong Kong (Top#15), and Takeshi Kaneshiro of Japan (Top#20). No one from Korea made it to the list.

According to E!, another factor that makes Dingdong sexy is his name.

Half-Pinoy Enrique Iglesias also made it to the list. The Mexican heartthrob and son of Julio Iglesias and Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler ranks no. 25th.

Here’s the complete list of the World’s Sexiest Men according to E! Entertainment:

1. David Beckham (UK – soccer player)
2. Johnny Depp (USA – actor)
3. David Zepeda (Mexico – actor, model)
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Ireland – actor)
5. Djimon Hounsou (Benin – actor)
6. Dingdong Dantes (Philippines – actor, model)
7. John Abraham (India – actor)
8. Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden – soccer player)
9. Maciej Zakościelny (Poland – actor)
10. Ryan Reynolds (Canada – actor)
11. Dan Carter (New Zealand – rugby player)
12. Michael Lewis (Israel – model)
13. Raoul Bova (Italy – actor)
14. Michel Gurfi (Argentina – actor)
15. Edison Chen (Hong Kong – actor)
16. Keith Urban (Australia – singer)
17. Gilles Marini (France – actor)
18. Kostas Martakis (Greece – singer)
19. Til Schweiger (Germany – actor, director)
20. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japan – actor)
21. Danny K (South Africa – singer)
22. Olivier Martinez (France – actor)
23. Mark Vanderloo (Netherlands – model)
24. Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazil – actor)
25. Enrique Iglesias (Spain – singer)

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