‘Kulam’ Hits P76.6M On It’s 3rd Week

The rated-A horror flick "Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam" from Regal Films raked in P76,651,879.50 on its 3rd week run to be this year's 7th biggest Pinoy movie.

Kulam also topped the Philippine Box-office for the first two weeks of October beating Hollywood films like Eagle Eye, Body of Lies and Tropic Thunder. It settled for second place on its 3rd week run after Max Payne debuted at no. 1.

Here is the lasted box-office report via Box Office Mojo:

Philippine Box-Office
(October 15-19)

1. Max Payne – $332,413 (1st Wk)
2. Mag-ingat Ka Sa… Kulam – $169,455 (3rd Wk)
3. Body of Lies – $89,843 (2nd Wk)
4. Tropic Thunder – $82,785 (2nd Wk)
5. The Strangers – $63,636 (1st Wk)
6. Eagle Eye – $48,701 (4th Wk)
7. Buried Alive – $30,651 (2nd Wk)
8. Mirrors – $25,054 (3rd Wk)
9. Igor – $17,159 (2nd Wk)
10. Bangkok Dangerous – $14,260 (5th Wk)

I.T.A.L.Y.’s gross on its 5th week is now P23,195,824.86. For the First Time ended it’s run with a box-office gross of P134.7 Million, this year’s 3rd biggest movie so far after A Very Special Love and Caregiver.

Here is our UPDATED list of the 10 Highest-Grossing Pinoy Films for 2008 (so far):

1. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE – P179.23 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

2. CAREGIVER – P139.54 million
(Star Cinema)

3. FOR THE FIRST TIME – P134.7 million
(Star Cinema)

(GMA Films/Regal Films)

5. DOBOL TROBOL GET REDI 2 RAMBOL – P90.51 million
(Octoarts Films)

6. WHEN LOVE BEGINS – P89.38 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

7. MAG-INGAT KA SA KULAM – P76.6 million *
(Regal Films)

8. MY BIG LOVE – P68 million
(Star Cinema)

9. SUPAHPAPALICIOUS – P66.98 million
(Star Cinema)

10. MANAY PO 2: OVERLOAD – P30.4 million
(Regal Films)

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