RP’s Hottest 20 Under 20 Poll

We have a new survey! This time, we will rank the country's 20 Hottest Young Celebrities!

The mechanics are simple. We are simply looking for the hottest 20 young pinoy celebrities who are under 20 years old. When we say “hottest” we don’t mean “sexy.” We mean “in demand”, “popular”, “very visible”, “brightest” or in our local term, “sikat!”

Post your nominations below by typing the name of the celebrity and his/her corresponding age. For example: I nominate Charice, 15 years old.

Here are the rules:

1. Only pinoy celebrities will be accepted. The celebrity should be at least 50% Pinoy and a Filipino citizen so stars like Vanessa Hudgens will not count.

2. Celebrities from any field are qualified. She/He may be an actor, singer, entrepreneur, athlete, model, etc.

3. The celebrity should be under the age of 20. So he/she should be 19 years old or below prior to this date.

So let the poll begin. Post your nominations NOW! Nominations will end on 12:00 noon, Sunday.

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