Hollywood’s Top 10 Young Celebrity Millionaires

Forbes Magazine released their 2008 annual Top 10 Young Celebrity Millionaires and Filipino-American Vanessa Hudgens made it to the list!

The three leads of the monster-hit movie franchise “Harry Potter” and Disney’s top-rating tv-musical-turned-movie all made it to the list.

The Jonas Brothers are newcomers to the list with an estimated worth of $12 Million, at number four.

Here is the complete Top 10 Highest Earning ‘Tweens’ List:

1. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) – $25 million
(tied with) Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) -$25 million

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Full House, Dualstar Company) – $15 million

4. Jonas Brothers (Disney, Camp Rock) – $12 million

5. Zac Efron (High School Musical) – $5.8 million

6. Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) – $5.5 million

7. Emma Watson (Harry Potter) – $5.5 million

8. Hillary Duff (Disney, Lizzie Maguire) – $5 million

9. Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) – $5 million

10. Vanessa Anne Hudgens (High School Musical) – $3.2 million

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