Paris Hilton Releases New Single ‘My BFF’

Controversial heiress Paris Hilton has released her brand new single "My BFF" off her upcoming sophomore album which is the theme song of her new reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF."

The electro-pop single debuted alongside the show’s premiere on MTV yesterday, September 30. The song is written by Paris herself and her lover, cBenji who is also the member of Good Charlotte.

Paris’ self-titled debut album peaked at no. 6 in Billboard Top 200 charts. Her reality sitcom “A Simple Life” on Fox had a 3 seasons run.

On her new reality show “My New BFF,” Paris is searching for a best friend who can keep up with her high lifestyle, be hot and most importantly, be loyal to her. The challenges include a range of activities such as looking hot on a rollercoaster and dealing with lost luggage. It has been set to air for 10 episodes where each week, one from the total of 18 participants will be dismissed with the catchphrase “Talk To You Never”.

Music Link: Listen to Paris Hilton’s latest single My BFF

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