Charice and Celine Dion – The Dream Duet at Madison Square Garden

Young Pinay international singing sensation Charice fulfilled her dream of singing with one of the world's greatest divas, Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden September 15, 2008.

As announced in Oprah last week, the young diva sang the theme song from Up Close and Personal, “Because You Love Me,” with her idol Celine Dion during the Canadian superstar’s “Taking Chances” tour. This is the first song Charice had ever learned and it was dedicated by Celine to her mom after learning about her heartwarming life story.

Celine introduced Charice by telling the young diva’s life story:

“This young girl’s name is Charice. I’m so excited. She’s 16 years old and she’s from the Philippines. Let me tell you she has a voice that can literally blow the roof off Madison Square. But the real story is, Charice and her mom escaped a terrifying experience and had to leave Charice’s violent father. You know, to start a life on their own, Charice vowed to save her mom from life’s desperation. Through prayers and dreams and God-given talent, an incredible voice, Charice entered and won every singing contest in her native country and eventually got noticed. By such a fortunate chance people saw the show on Oprah and Oprah wanted to take her under her wing and David Foster joined them.

“I had a chance to see Charice perform one of my songs in Oprah last week. I have a little difficulty to talk right now because I met Charice and I’m so emotional and so I’m searching and looking for my words trying to control my emotion. I invited here to come her tonight to sing with me…”

There are hundreds of Pinoys watching and cheering for the country’s pride. The crowd’s applause were incessant. Prepare for goose bumps when you watch the video below:

Watch the Video HERE.

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