Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez for Rosalinda Philippine Edition?

Since Dyesebel is ending next month, fans are now petitioning for Rosalinda as the next role of Primetime Queen Marian Rivera with Richard Gutierrez as her new leading man.

We are delighted with the chemistry between Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez in the box-office movie My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend earlier this year. That’s why fans are now eager to see the two kapuso superstars in one show – the Philippine remake of the Mexican telenovela Rosalinda!

They even released some wallpapers to fuel this petition:

But of course, GMA will have second thoughts with this team-up. Marian Rivera is their no. 1 primetime ratings magnet while Richard Gutierrez is their no. 2. If they will team them up in one tv series, it will be a sure-fire no. 1 hit but the 2nd to 4th position in the ratings game will be put to jeopardy.

Currently, the no. 1 to no. 4 position in Mega Manila ratings are occupied by GMA. From time to time, some ABS-CBN shows were able to penetrate these positions in Mega Manila like The Singing Bee and Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, but were not able to maintain the ranking. So if GMA will join the two stalwarts in one show, one position in the ranking will be in danger.

Maybe, this is the time for Dingdong Dantes to shine even more. Perhaps, a new show for him but this time, he’s no longer under the shadow of Marian Rivera. And of course, after Dyesebel and Marimar, people are now looking forward for Marian and Dingdong to have a different love team.

I for one would like to see Richard and Marian together in a tv series. Their team up in BFGF was magical! Jologs girl meets rich and spoiled guy. And the characters in Rosalinda is somewhat similar to these kind of roles. Hope GMA will grant the fans’ request.

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