Indie Movie ‘Quickie’ Retitled to ‘Quicktrip’

The title of Cris Pablo's latest gay-themed indie movie, "Quickie", was disapproved by the MTRCB that's why it was retitled to "Quicktrip." Although the title is a little sensitive as it sounds, wait 'til you watch the film. Even the trailer is guaranteed NSFW!

Young Critics Circle member Nonoy Lauzon, a programmer at the UP Film Institute Cine Adarna, pointed out that the change was to warrant an R-18 rating for the movie.

The word “quickie” has strong sexual overtones, which prompted the MTRCB body to alter the title.

Even its movie poster did not pass the MTRCB on its first review. The producers changed the nude men in the poster to men wearing boxer shorts in order to be approved.

This digital film tells the story of two bisexuals named Cris (played by Topher Barretto) and Andro (Andro Morgan).

Video Link: Quickie Movie Trailer

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