100 Most Beautiful Pinays – Semifinals First Update

Check out the ranking of the Top 50 based on votes received in our forums last August 22 to 24, 2008.

Top 10


The rest of the Top 50:

Alessandra de Rossi – 30
KC Concepcion – 29
Nadine Samonte – 28
Anne Curtis – 25
Toni Gonzaga – 24
Riza Santos – 24
Bianca Gonzalez – 22
Kim Chiu – 21
Iya Villania – 20
Valerie Concepcion – 17
Carmina Villaroel – 17
Lucy Torres-Gomez – 16
Gretchen Barretto – 14
Regine Velasquez – 14
Jewel Mische – 14
Jennylyn Mercado – 14
Angelica Panganiban – 12
Judy Ann Santos -12
Cristine Reyes – 11
Diana Zubiri – 11
Shaina Magdayao – 11
Precious Lara Quigaman – 11
Iza Calzado – 11
Pauleen Luna – 10
Rhian Ramos – 10
Bea Alonzo – 9
Camille Prats – 9
Mariel Rodriguez – 9
Mirriam Quiambao – 9
Roxanne Guinoo – 9
Melissa Ricks – 8
Ehra Madrigal – 7
Iwa Moto – 7
Kristine Hermosa – 6
Bianca King – 6
Glaiza de Castro – 5
Kris Bernal – 5
Claudine Barretto – 4
Yasmien Kurdi – 3

Please take note that this update reflects votes received in our forums last August 22 to 24 only. Votes from the preliminaries are not yet added.

A number of votes were disqualified. For example, those votes which are OBVIOUSLY posted by one person using different user names. See the screencaps below, you will notice the similarities of the post. The voter used different usernames but the layout are perfectly the same (same font size, same font color, same votes, same character spacing, same line spacing). Not to mention the time difference it were posted.

Here’s another one. The time difference for each post was 2 minutes and everything’s pretty similar. It took the user 2 minutes to log out and log in with the next account.

In the registration process, some factors were considered for disapproval. These factors are:

1. Unreadable usernames. Entries such as KLwDGS, PPPTDJDC, KRSTTPDW2, 77ddTT67, and wWwEeEr are most likely spambots.

2. Usernames ending with the same number for example DEMIMOORE33, AMANDAPAGE33, UNOMAGAZINE33, BARBARA33 and MARIAHCAREY33. The frequency and time pattern these usernames entered our system make it obvious that only 1 person is creating them.

3. Usernames corresponding to economic terms like parvalue, quotation, callfeature, callprice, stockevaluation, liquidationtheory, export, import, convertionfeature, eurobond, foreignbond, liquiditypreference, etc. These registrants were received at the same period of time.

4. Porn terms as usernames. These kinds of usernames correspond to spambots from porn sites that’s why they were disapproved. We normally receive a lot of them so if you happen to have chosen a “pornographic” username and you are a valid person and not a spambot, i suggest you change your username to something else.

5. Enumerated usernames. For example: Marimar1, marimar2, marimar3, marimar4, marimar5…marimar30. Usernames with numbers are ok, just like harrypotter2008 or jovita17 or mike_90210. But if there is a pattern like the marimar example above, it obviously came from 1 person only that’s why only 1 of those variants is approved. Not to mention that these usernames entered our system consecutively.

Remember the deadline of registrations for the voting process in our forums are only until tomorrow (Sunday, August 31, 2008) when the clock strikes 12. But votes are accepted until September 2.

I would like to apologize if your registration was considered as SPAM. If you are not a spam and you happen to register 2 (or more) days ago and you have not receive a confirmation email from us, please email us at starmometer (at) gmail (dot) com.

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