Contest: 3 More Free Books!

Our advertisers Kuya Kevin and Lifebooks are giving away free books for 3 Starmometer Peeps!

But before we proceed, let me just congratulate “Harry Potter“, “Bakekang” and “Neolexis” for winning a copy of Lifebooks’ “Today’s the Day” in our previous contest. Harry Potter won by posting the correct ISBN of Today’s the Day in our forums. However, no one was able to guess the correct price of “Today’s the Day.” It’s retail price in National Bookstores is P 170.00 per copy. So, i picked the two people with the nearest price. Neolexis‘ guess was P168.00 while Bakekang’s guess was P180.00, so each of them won a copy of the book.

Now for our new set of freebies. The first one is from Kuya Kevin. The title of the book is Basta Lovelife. The author of this book is Kuya Kevin himself. This book is filled with relationship advices in a “non-preachy” kind of way.

The second book is from Lifebooks. The title of the book is “Easy Low Fat Cooking Book 2.” The author of the book is Beverly Chesser. It’s a recipe book for the health-concious.

The third book is from Lifebooks again. The title of the book is “Simple Little Words.” It’s an inspiring collection of true stories about lives completely changed by hearing a few simple little words. The authors of this book are Michelle Cox and John Perrodin.

These books are now available in all branches of National Bookstore and Powerbooks nationwide!

Here are the contest mechanics:

1. Simply post in the comments section below which book do you want to win. Be sure to indicate only one title and don’t forget to include your email address. One entry per one email address is allowed.

For example: I want the book “Simple Little Words!”

2. We will raffle three entries for the 3 books (1 for each title) at random to pick the 3 winners. You can only win once. Entries with two or more titles indicated in their comments are disqualified. Also, entries without corresponding email addresses are also disqualified.

3. We will contact the selected winners by email to ask for the shipping address so we can send the free books right away.

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