Church Rejects $600,000.00 of Lottery Winnings

The chances of winning the lottery rely on a lot of prayer and the immutable laws of statistics, but one such lucky soul bagged a jackpot, and couldn’t even give the winnings away. A Florida Lottery jackpot winner took home more than 6 million in cash and was hoping to follow his religion’s tithe commandment — offering 10 percent of his winnings to his church. Unfortunately, his church wanted no part of this money and refused to say exactly why they turned down the $600,000 donation, though many churches don’t approve of the lottery or gambling in general.

Other churches, who caught wind of the story were amazed. “I’m against the lottery, but if one of my members won. . . . I wish and hope he would give 10 percent to the church,” said Pastor Dr. Lorenzo Hall of the El-Beth Divine Holiness Church. “We are in the process now of building a youth center, and you would be surprised at the people that can be helped with $600,000.” Hall adds he wouldn’t ask where a donation came from and would welcome the lucky-lotto-man’s donation anytime.

When it comes to giving back, does it matter where the dough comes from?

Source: Yahoo!

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