Joey de Leon Apologizes to NPC and AFIMA for ‘Press’ Joke

Joey de Leon aired his apology on Startalk Saturday afternoon after two press groups namely National Press Club (NPC) and Alyansa ng mga Filipinong Mamamahayag (Afima) were offended by his "press" joke on Eat Bulaga last Wednesday.

It all started in the Bulagaan segment of GMA’s longest-running noontime show where Joey, Vic Sotto and Jimmy Santos were doing the “wala yan sa lola ko” skit. The alleged punch line of the said skit was when Joey de Leon blurted out the following lines: “Wala ‘yan sa lola ko. Ang lola ko pumapatay ng mga press people” (You’re grandmother has no match against my grandmother. My grandma is killing journalists).

Both NPC and Afima issued a statement in Bandera yesterday saying that they find Joey de Leon’s joke as insensitive and offensive. They also asked the noontime show host and columnist for a public apology.

This afternoon on GMA’s showbiz-oriented talk show “Startalk”, Joey explained that he did not mean to offend the press people because he himself is also a member of the press. He also said sorry to those who were hurt by his joke.

Video Link: Joey de Leon Airs His Apology for ‘Press’ Joke on Startalk

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