90210 – Meet the New Teens of Beverly Hills

Are you ready to go back to the most famous zip code on TV? It's a new drama, same zip code -the spin-off to one of the most popular series of the 90's, Beverly Hills 90210.

Some of the old crew will be back, including Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and “Beverly Hills” bully Shannen Doherty. Despite the online clamor for his presence, though, Jason Priestley plans to stick behind the camera.

The premiere of the season is happening on Tuesday, September 2nd at 8pm.

Meet the new characters:

Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) – An aspiring actress, who wants to fit in with the cool crowd.

Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) – Adopted son of Harry and Debbie Wilson. A smart bad boy with behavioral issues.

Erin “Silver” Silver (Jessica Stroup) – Kelly and David’s half-sister who is described as a “wannabe socialite with her own Youtube series”. She becomes Annie’s friend and grows a crush on her brother Dixon. Her Youtube series is called “Answers to Life’s Inane Questions Answered by a 15 year-old in a Bikini”.

Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan) – Described as a “likeable jock” that falls out of the popular group and befriends the 90210 crew.

Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) – A spoiled and attractive rich kid and Ethan’s ex-girlfriend; she will appear to be a brat at first but will have more layers as the show goes on. Will have some attraction towards Ryan Eggolds character.

Navid Shirazi (Michael Steger) – The high school’s politico who runs the daily newscast. His character is supposed to be of Persian descent. He does not drink alcohol because he is a Scientologist.

Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) – A theatre “goddess” who is Naomi Clark’s best friend and Ethan Ward’s secret girlfriend; she suffers a serious drug addiction.

George Evans (Kellan Lutz) – A West Beverly High resident, who becomes a rival to Dixon Wilson.

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez (TBA) – Daughter of Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) and Jesse Vasquez (Mark Damon Espinoza). She is a student at Beverly Hills High and host of the school’s West Beverly Blaze news show.

Wendy (Meghan Markle) – A “sexy vixen” student at West Beverly Hills High who takes every advantage of her looks.

Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold) – A cool English lit teacher at West Beverly High whose unorthodox teaching style puts him at odds with his fellow teachers and sometimes too close with his students. Will be Kelly and Brenda’s love interest.

Debbie Wilson (Lori Loughlin) – Wife of Harry Wilson, was an Olympic athlete but is now working as a personal trainer.

Harrison “Harry” Wilson (Rob Estes) – Son of Tabitha Wilson and Kelly Taylor’s old neighbor, a graduate of West Beverly Hills High, decides to move back to 90210; accepting a position as the principal at his old high school.

Tabitha Wilson (Jessica Walter) – The matriarch of the family, is a 60ish actress (and alcoholic), who was very famous during the 1970s.

Ty (Adam Gregory) – A West Beverly High resident, who becomes Annie’s love interest.

Tracy Clark (Christina Moore) – Naomi’s mother, described as a “Beverly Hills MILF” who is known to be promiscuous.

Constance (Maeve Quinlan) – Adrianna’s overbearing mother and former actress, whose constant pressure drives her daughter to do drugs.

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