Beverly Hills Chihuahua – Movie Trailer

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is an upcoming comedy film from Walt Disney starring Piper Perabo (Imagine Me and You, Cheaper by the Dozen), Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies, Freaky Friday) and featuring the voices of Drew Barrymore, Andy Garcia and Salma Hayek.

Synopsis: A pampered Beverly Hills Chihuahua named Chloe finds herself accidentally lost in the mean streets of Mexico without a day spa or Rodeo Drive boutique anywhere in sight. Now alone for the first time in her spoiled life, she must rely on some unexpected new friends — including a street-hardened German Shepherd named Delgado and an amorous pup named Papi — to lend her a paw and help her to find her inner strength on their incredible journey back home.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua – Movie Trailer:

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