Top 10 Scariest Pinoy Horror Movies

WikiPilipinas compiled the 10 all-time scariest horror movies in the Philippines.

1. Shake Rattle and Roll II (Episode 3: Aswang) – This the the third episode of Shake Rattle and Roll which stars Manilyn Reynes, Aljon Jimenez and Ana Roces. Manilyn’s character is invited by a friend, played by Ana Roces, in the latter’s town fiesta. Little does she know that she’s the pang-handa for a secret pre-colonial spiritual ceremony.

2. Sukob – This suspense film stars Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto. They play half-sisters who are not aware of each other’s existence, until a series of unlucky incidents begin to take place within a year of their respective weddings.

3. Feng Shui – Kris Aquino plays Joy, a young working mother who finds a Bagua that is believed to bring good luck when hung on the front door. The bagua does bring her extremely good fortune, however, it seems that, as each piece of good fortune comes her way, someone around her dies.

4. Ouija – This movie serves as a warning to those who indulge in the popular game, “spirit of the glass”, where a group of people huddle around a board with a clear drinking glass and a ouija board or “witchboard” with letters, numbers and “responses” printed on it. Once you watch this, you’ll think twice about courting “supernatural beings” into giving you answers to your questions.

5. Pasiyam – “Pasiyam” is a Filipino tradition offered to a dead relative on his/her ninth day of death. The movie is all about a dead mother who keeps on coming back to have her revenge on her children, except for the mentally impaired youngest child, played by Aubrey Miles.

6. Sigaw – or “The Echo.” The story revolves around Marvin’s (Richard Gutierrez) new apartment, where he hears strange noises and deals with stranger neighbors.

7. Patayin Mo Sa Sindak si Barbara (1974) – The original version of 1995’s Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara, starring Susan Roces, is all about the dying curse of a jealous, suicidal wife on her husband and his presumed lover.

8. Impaktita – Jean Garcia plays a timid girl who is always being visited by an “Aswang” every night. Unfortunately, Jean learns that she was an adopted child, and that her real mother is the “aswang” who is coming back for her because, as soon as Jean’s character turns eighteen, she will also turn into an aswang herself.

9. Tiyanak – This is the original movie which made the line “Anak ni Janice” famous. The film is all about an angelic-looking baby which turns into a monster or “tiyanak” during the night.

10. Halimaw sa Banga – The film which made the cute “Matet” an instant favorite child actress when she uttered “Takot ako.” In the film, an antique looking “banga” or big jar in a rich family’s house is housing a monster.

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