PDA2: Bugoy Tops Ranking, Christian and Iñaki are on Probation

Bunny, Christian, Iñaki and Miguel received the lowest scores from the mentors and jurors in the 5th Gala Performance Night of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 while Bugoy received the highest.

The mentors saved Miguel while the scholars voted for Bunny leaving Iñaki and Christian as this week’s probationary scholars which means one of them will be expelled in the upcoming Expulsion Night.

Although no one was named Star Scholar of the week, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab revealed that Bugoy Bugayon received the highest grade among all the “sensual” performances last Saturday beating former Star Scholar Liezel Garcia, who settled for second place.

Headmaster said Laarni was also second last Saturday. So maybe both Laarni and Liezel received the same grade that’s why they are tied on second place.

CD’s Thoughts: I am wondering why the Mentors did not announce a “Star Scholar of the Week” this time. If Bugoy topped the ranking last Saturday, he should be named Star Scholar of the Week. It’s somewhat unfair.

The resident jurors agreed that Liezel and Bugoy sang very well but lacks “sensuality” in their performances. Laarni, on the other hand, received the highest approval that night while April and Iñaki (he’s not a good singer but i think his performance last Saturday was better enough to save him from probation) scored well in their sensual performance.

If the jurors will stick to the “sensuality” theme, i think April was the one who delivered. If the jurors will stick to what they’ve said in their comments, i think Laarni should be on no. 1. This is the gray area of the show, they should at least named a Star Scholar for the week or explained why they stopped .

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