Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Debut in Regal’s ‘Loving You’

"Loving You" is an upcoming romantic movie from Regal Films that will serve as the film debut of Starstruck Ultimate Loveteam Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal. The movie will also star Yasmien Kurdi, JC de Vera, Polo Ravales, Jean Garcia, Ehra Madrigal and John Prats.

Fall in love like it’s your first time as STUDIOMAX presents the most beautiful and most romantic pairs of Philippine show biz in one great movie filled with passion, tenderness and all the delightful things that make you gush and feel tingly all over! JC de Vera & Yasmien Kurdi, Polo Ravales & Jean Garcia, John Prats & Ehra Madrigal, and Aljur Abrenica & Kris Bernal star in STUDIOMAX’s very first romance movie- “Loving You.”

Fans will be delighted to see their screen idols giving life to characters they’ve never played before, whether on TV or in the movies. Polo is a call center trainor caught between his boyish inclinations and a mature love affair. Jean is an advertising creative director who desperately wants to settle down and have a baby. Aljur is a rocker who falls for the charms of tomboyish Kris. Ehra is an aspiring model by day and a struggling call center agent by night, with John as a cute taxi driver with a secret crush on her. JC and Yasmien play ex-sweethearts-turned-best friends who still have feelings for each other and their unexpressed desires are further suppressed when their respective love lives get more complicated.

Watch the trailer here.

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