Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela is Miss Universe 2008

Venezuela has just won its 5th Miss Universe crown courtesy of Dayana Mendoza. Complete results after the jump.

After the Top 5 finalists of Miss Universe 2008 were selected and competed in the question and answer portion, the final results were announced.


Miss Universe 2008
Dayana Mendoza, VENEZUELA

1st Runner-up:
Taliana Vargas, COLOMBIA

2nd Runner-up:

3rd Runner-up:
Vera Krasova, RUSSIA

4th Runner-up:
Elisa Najera, MEXICO

TOP 10:

6. Kosovo – Zana Krasniqi
7. Spain – Claudia Moro
8. USA – Crystle Stewart
9. Italy – Claudia Ferraris
10. Australia – Laura Dundovic

TOP 15:

11. Czech Republic – EliÅ¡ka Bučková
12. Hungary – Jazmin Dammak
13. South Africa – Tansey Coetzee
14. Japan – Hiroko Mima
15. Vietnam – Lam Thuy Nguyen

Special Awards:

Miss Congeniality: El Salvador
Best Nat’l Costume: Thailand

Check out how the Top 15 predictions of various websites fared (1 point per correct prediction):

Global Beauties: 6 points

Colombia, Panama, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Ireland, Australia, Norway, India, Thailand, Serbia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago and Kosovo; 9 points

Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, USA, Colombia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Kosovo, Norway and Australia; 8 points

Venezuela, USA, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, Czech Republic, India, Albania, Ireland, Australia, Vietnam, Spain and Norway;

Chilean Charm: 7 points

Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, USA, India, Puerto Rico, Panama, Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil, Kosovo, South Africa, Korea; 8 points

Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, India, Panama, Spain, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Norway, Australia, Kosovo, Thailand, Belgium and Puerto Rico; 6 points

Antigua & Barbuda, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Venezuela;

Pageant Almanac: 9 points

Norway, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, USA, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Mexico, Panama, Israel, Colombia, South Africa, Uruguay, Slovak Republic, Australia, Japan;

Beauty School: 4 points

USA, India, Switzerland, Antigua & Barbuda, France, Jamaica, Norway, Ukraine, Tanzania, Hungary, Panama, Mexico, Thailand, Spain;

Starmometer: 7 points

Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Kosovo, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Belgium, Norway, USA, India, Panama, Australia, Puerto Rico, South Africa;

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