Kid Camaya Leads Our Pinoy Idol Top 10 Power Ranking

Kid Camaya stole the spotlight from Ram Chaves as he topped our Pinoy Idol Top 10 Power Ranking with his performance of "The Warrior is a Child" which Ogie dubbed as his most soulful rendition.

Although Wyngard Tracy disagreed with Ogie and Jolina and thought that Kid’s performance was his worst ever, we don’t care. It will not stop us from putting Kid on the top of our list. We just love Kid’s voice and last night, we think he hit his best one yet.

Here’s our Pinoy Idol Power Ranking this week (Click to watch the performance):

1. Kid Camaya – The Warrior is a Child

2. Penelope – This is My Now

3. Robby Navarro – The Greatest Love of All

4. Ram Chaves – Yugyugan

5. Jayann Bautista – Better Days

6. Toffer Rei – It’s My Life

7. Gretchen Espina – Follow Your Road

8. Daryl Celis – Kung Kailangan Mo Ako

9. Sue Ellen Cubing – Jesus Take the Wheel

10. Warren Antig – Balong Malalim

Check out our Previous Rankings:

Top 11 Power Ranking

1. Ram Chaves – Banal Na Aso

2. Kid Camaya – I’ll Never Love This Way Again

3. Robby Navarro – Someone that I Used to Love

4. Penelope – So Sick

5. Jayann Bautista – Whine Up

6. Daryl Celis – Basta’t Kasama Kita

7. Mae Flores – If I Didn’t Love You *

8. Gretchen Espina – A House is Not a Home

9. Toffer Rei – Changes in My Life

10. Sue Ellen – In The End

11. Warren Antig – You Give Love a Bad Name

Top 12 Power Ranking

1. Mae Flores – You Oughta Know

2. Penelope – Alone

3. Kid Camaya – Ordinary People

4. Robby Navarro – One Last Cry

5. Ram Chaves – Arms Wide Open

6. Gretchen Espina – Respect

7. Sue Ellen Cubing – Survivor

8. Jayann Bautista – Natural Woman

9. Jeni Rawolle – Inseparable *

10. Toffer Rei – Honestly

11. Warren Antig – Shout

12. Daryl Celis – Superstar

* eliminated

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