Huling Pasada – Cinemalaya Movie Trailer

Huling Pasada is the entry to Cinemalaya 2008 of two Ateneans Paul Sta. Ana and Alvin Yapan. It is a movie about an abandoned wife and prolific writer, who seeks refuge in her own creative output.

The title, according to director Paul Sta. Ana, refers to the taxi driver’s shift and to a writer’s most previous work. The story follows the creative process of Ruby, a prolific writer, abandoned wife and protective mother. She writes about Mario, a taxi driver who becomes a father figure to a street child in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. As Ruby tries to resolve Mario and child’s story, she seeks refuge in her own creative output: the line between reality and fiction is blurred, and her character’s past is entangled with her own inevitable future. Two Ateneans share the directing duties for Huling Pasada: Paul Sta. Ana and Alvin Yapan.

Huling Pasada – Movie Trailer:

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