Diana Zubiri Covers FHM July 2008 Issue

Dubbed as an FHM icon, Diana Zubiri is cover-featured on FHM July 2008 issue coverless...well almost. Actually there are 5 things covering Diana on her FHM cover photo: a blue bracelet, a pink bracelet, a silver bracelet, a brown bracelet and a green bracelet.

People came to know FHM in 2002 when the first photoshoot of Diana Zubiri on EDSA flyover became headlines on news and dailies. And aside from being one of the most-loved covergirl of the leading men’s magazine, Diana Zubiri is also the only Pinay who’s done a shoot across almost all Asian editions.

Placing fifth in this year’s 100 Sexiest Women, FHM has this to say about the kapuso vixen:

When FHM becomes a Philipine institution and pop culture, critics begin to dissect our idea of beauty, they would probably come up with Diana Zubiri as the archetype. Not that the women who have graced our pages are not varied–it’s just that Diana is so loved by the readers that they followed her in every pursuit she has taken. She is still Diana Zubiri, certified FHM hottie.

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