Anne as Centaur and Siren, Epy as Faun: ABS-CBN’s Dyosa

On July 7, the wolf will be replaced by a three-in-one creature as Anne Curtis as the goddess of air, land, and water gathers all her powers to shake the tv ratings. Playing as her bestfriend is Epy Quizon, a faun or a half-man half goat if you must.

Anne Curtis reveals that although her latest project, the fantaserye Dyosa, is physically challenging, she is reveling in everything she is doing.

Playing the title role, Anne is the goddess of water, land and sky and has the ability to transform into a mermaid, a centaur (half-horse, half-human) and a half-human-half-bird creature–so she has to get used to wearing different prosthetics and costumes.

“Mahirap siya pero it’s something I’m looking forward to do. Nage-enjoy ako, preparing and psyching myself,” she shares.

“It takes two and a half hours to do the make up, hair or wig. Siyempre nangangapa pa kami sa costume. Lahat actually mahirap in its own way. Yung sirena, I’m staying underwater for a period of time habang suot yung buntot. Yung agila mahirap kasi mabigat yung wings, eh. Yung centaur, masakit naman dahil sa katawan ng kabayo.”

Dyosa also helped her realize her childhood dream of playing a mermaid and it was an additional bonus for her to play two other equally interesting characters.

“It’s so much fun. Every time I have a change of outfit, I really feel like the goddess of air, the goddess of water and land,” she enthuses.

“Hopefully all the effort will pay off pagdating sa prosthetics. Sana people will enjoy it.”

As part of the upcoming fantaserye Dyosa, Epy Quizon gets to show off his versatility once again as he takes on another offbeat role. Epy plays a half-man, half-goat character who will be Dyosa’s guardian. “I’m a good but very mischievous character. I’m going to be very playful and naughty, but I’m on the good side,” he shares.

Playing quirky roles isn’t new to Epy as he has already played a half-man, half-rat role in the 2003 movie Captain Barbell. The 35-year-old actor also admits his interest in fantasy and in collecting different kinds of masks. For Dyosa, Epy let his instincts take over on how to tackle the role.“I didn’t exactly have a character peg until I wore my costume. I think as soon as you wear the costume, the quirkiness of the character will come out. Binagay ko na lang yung galaw doon sa costume,” he explains.

Epy also had to don heavy prosthetics on top of his costume. Although he admits that he doesn’t mind the almost three-hour prosthetics application, he does find it a challenge to work in sometimes. “Part of what intrigued me about the role is that it is physically challenging. The mask becomes heavy after a few hours. The weight becomes annoying already. That’s the time that it becomes very challenging. Sometimes, it comes to a point where I tell myself, ‘Am I in the wrong profession?’ But of course I’m not. I enjoy what I do. Putting on stuff like this to entertain people,” he admits.

Being the son of the King of Comedy Dolphy, Epy shares that people have certain expectations of him as an actor. “A lot of people ask me, ‘Ano ka ba talaga, komedyante ka ba? Dramatic actor ka ba? Kontrabida ka ba?’ Me, I think I just have to act. I don’t want to be branded as a comedian. I just want to be an actor. An actor to me means acting. So whether my role is bida, kontrabida or gay, when I take on a role, most often that not, I want to do it. And if you really want to do something, maybe that’s why people view you as an effective actor. Parang they see the passion you put into doing it,” he offers.

When it comes to acting, Epy admits to admiring Joel Torre, his kuya Eric Quizon and of course, his father Dolphy. “I look up to a lot of people in the industry. To improve my craft, I just go back to stage. Theater is actually what improved my craft. Or once in a while nag-wo-workshop ulit ako,” he adds.

Epy also recently made his first directorial debut, with a documentary film entitled The Dancer Within. Currently in its editing stage, the film is about an indigenous dance that has the power to heal.“I’ve always been into directing. Growing up, I’ve seen how my family has always been into making films right and left. Part of my college life was documentary films and filmmaking. It was also part of my course. So I was bound to eventually get into that rin,” Epy says.

A consummate actor and aspiring director, Epy says that show business will always be a part of his life. “Even if I weren’t an actor, I’d probably still be in entertainment. I’d still entertain people. I’d probably a rock star (laughs),” Epy concludes.


So what do you think? The wolf failed to fry the fish. This time, it’s the eagle-horse-fish’s turn to topple THE fish. We’ll see.

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