I̱aki Ting and Laarni Losala are Put on Probation РPinoy Dream Academy 2

On the first probation night of Pinoy Dream Academy season 2, two scholars are in danger of expulsion next week and they are Iñaki Ting and Laarni Losala.

Originally, all scholars who will receive a grade lower than 7.0 will be put on probation. Based on the first gala performance night, 4 of them missed the passing grade and they are:

Bea – 6.40
I̱aki Р6.17
Laarni – 5.17
Christian – 5.23

Fortunately, two of them were saved from probation. The one chosen by the Dream Mentors and the one voted by the scholars themselves were saved. Christian Alvear was picked by the Dream Mentors while Bea Muñoz was voted by the scholars, earning them safety from expulsion for at least another week.

It’s now up to the televiewers who among Iñaki and Laarni will stay another week and who will be expelled.

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