Piolo Pascual is No. 1 Sexiest Pinoy of 2008

Piolo Pascual is voted no. 1 in the poll RP's Sexiest Men of 2008. Last year, Piolo ranked 4th overall.

Profile: Born January 12, 1977, in Manila, Philippines, Piolo José Nonato Pascual (screen name: Piolo Pascual), is an award-winning and multi-nominated film and television actor, platinum-selling recording artist and songwriter, concert performer, host and product endorser.

What Makes Him Sexy: Piolo is a triple threat, total package kind of guy. Aside from his stunning good looks, perfect physique, sex appeal and oozing charisma, he’s got talent!

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  1. I like you Piolo, your my Idol, i wish we meet in personal, joy from Davao City

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