Sam Milby is No. 4 Sexiest Pinoy of 2008

Actor, singer and model Sam Milby is voted no. 4 in the poll RP's Sexiest Men of 2008. Last year, he was named the sexiest in the land. He dropped 3 notches this year.

Profile: Sam Milby (born Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby on May 23, 1984 in Troy, Ohio) became an instant celebrity when he joined the first ever Pinoy Big Brother. After leaving the house, Sam catapulted to super stardom with multiple endorsements and a number of tv and movie roles not to mention that he has also released two albums already. In 2007, Sam Milby was voted no. 1 in the first ever RP’s Sexiest Men poll.

What Makes Him Sexy: In his last movie “My Big Love”, Sam showed his flawless abs trumpling any doubts that he is the country’s sexiest man in 2007.

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