Robi Domingo – The Most Popular PBBTEP Housemate

Although Robi Domingo (The True Blue Atenean) ended up as 2nd Teen Placer in the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, he is currently the most popular housemate and he's ready to enter the upcoming love triangle with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.


Full Name: Robert Marion Domingo
Nickname: Robi
Origin:Quezon City
Age: 18
Birth date: Sept 27, 1989
Height: 5’9
School: Ateneo De Manila University
Nationality: Filipino
Favorite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Favorite subject in school: Religion, Social Studies, Tulong Dunong
Least liked subject in school: English and literature
Favorite sport: Baseball, track and field
Favorite summer/vacation destination: somewhere cold like in Baguio
Hobbies/Interests: Running; playing with younger bro, friends, and family
Ultimate celebrity crush: Elisha Cuthbert

Being a housemate, Robi has to forego his high school graduation – and the chance to receive his award for excellence personally. Living up to being a man for others, though, he considers the chance to be a housemate a worthy compromise, not because it may be a claim to fame but as an opportunity to be a good influence to others.Aiming high, he hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in medicine. A member of the baseball varsity and the honor roll as well, it seems all is set for Robi. One thing he can’t seem to get the hang of, unfortunately, is his love life. He got dumped both times he tried courting a girl, though he’s really persistent in pursuing the second. Too bad they don’t teach Courtship (Anti-torpe) 101 in high school.

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