Jake Cuenca is No. 10 Sexiest Pinoy of 2008

Jake Cuenca is voted no. 10 in the poll RP's Sexiest Men of 2008. The young actor was ranked no. 27 last year.

Profile: Juan Carlos Cuenca, otherwise known as Jake Cuenca was born on December 30, 1987 in San Jose, California. Jake is a Filipino print and commercial model and a television and film actor. He started with GMA 7 and later on moved to ABS CBN 2. He starred in the ABS-CBN action series “Palos” and will soon be Bea Alonzo’s love team in the upcoming soap “Betty La Fea.”

What Makes Him Sexy: Jake is very stylish and he has the “angas” look that can make girls drool.


Jake Cuenca in Filipino Hunks

Jake Cuenca in Asian Heartthrobs

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