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Starmometer has been running since February 2006 as an entertainment blog featuring local and Hollywood showbiz news. Aside from covering mainstream entertainment and celebrities, i also blog about life and leisure in general, fad and fashion, culture and events, tv and movie reviews, music and pageants, and sometimes technology, gadgets, travel and sports; hence, our tagline – “Your Total Entertainment Blog!”

On its first 6 months, Starmometer climbed to no. 1 at the now defunct Pinoy Top Blogs of Abe Olandres. It stayed at no. 1 for more than 6 months until the topsite was transferred to a new owner and renamed it In the said topsite, Starmometer is still no. 1 based on genuine traffic.

The blogger behind Starmometer is Chris Diestro. He is ranked no.4 among the Top 10 Pinoy Bloggers according to WikiPilipinas.

Why it’s BEST to advertise on Starmometer?

Simply check our statistics!
(As of June 5, 2008)

Unique Visitors: 5,642,576
Page Impressions: 8,221,960
Average Daily Visitors: 10,000
Average Daily Pageviews: 22,000
Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 280,000
Average Monthly Pageviews: 670,000
Published Posts: 5,183
Readers’ Comments: 91,861
Page Rank: 4
Feed Subscribers: 585
Technorati Links: 4,715 blogs
Technorati Rank: 33,044
Alexa Rank: 48,983
Blog Juice: 4.2
Top Philippine Websites: Rank no. 67
Ratified Rank: 21

According to Sitemeter, for the last 12 months Starmometer has pulled over 3.2 million visitors. That’s equivalent to 7,482,463 page impressions in one year! Majority of the site’s visitors are from the Philippines but Filipinos abroad are also frequent to drop by. The top 5 countries are USA, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and Italy.


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