The Cast of ABS-CBN’s ‘My Girl’

Meet the cast of ABS-CBN's newest no. 1 show on primetime!

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Kim Chiu as Jasmine

A street-smart girl who relies on her extraordinary survival skills to make ends meet. Her irresponsible father often leads her into trouble, but she never gets tired of being a devoted daughter to him. Despite their hard luck, Jasmine’s go-getter attitude enables her to face the world with a smile.

Gerald Anderson as Julian Abueva

As an their to a big corporation, his enormous sense of responsibility hinders him from pursuing anything fun. Other than his work, the only person he cares about is his ailing grandfather. However, his organized little world will soon turn upside down once she meets the bubbly Jasmine.

Nina Jose as Annika

After breaking up with Julian for the sake of her career, she returns from her jet-setter life abroad to win him back. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants, even if it means hurting someone in the process.

Enchong Dee as Nico

He is exactly the opposite of his best friend Julian. As someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Nico believes that life is all about pleasure and women. But his fickle heart will soon beat for just one girl because of Jasmine.

Ronaldo Valdez as Greg Abueva

A self-made millionaire who had made cruel decisions in the past. Now that he’s suffering from a serious ailment, he wants to correct his mistakes by asking Julian to find his long-lost granddaughter: Jasmine.

Bing Loyzaga as Tita Bel

She’s the only one her father could count on ever since her elder sister eloped with a poor man. Because of her unwavering dedication to their family, she ends up becoming a spinster who dotes on her nephew, Julian.

Lito Pimentel as Tatay Chito

A widower who raises his daughter Jasmine the best way he knows. His lack of education, however, forces him to rely on gambling as a means of income. But because he often loses, he ends up running to Jasmine for help.

DJ Durano as John

Aside from being a loyal bodyguard/driver of Lolo Greg, he is also an aspiring sculptor who keeps his talent a secret. His stature in life stops him from revealing his long-hidden feelings for Auntie Bel.

K Brosas as Tita Tessie

Her late husband was Lolo Greg’s business partner in their hotel chains. This company vice president is an ambitious woman who desperately wants to take over the presidency of the business.

Regine Angeles as Shiela

She is Julian’s ever-efficient executive assistant and confidante in his search for his long-lost cousin.As her family’s breadwinner, her job is really important for her.

Alex Gonzaga as Christine

If worse comes to worst, Christine is someone whom Jasmine can depend on whenever she’s in trouble. Aside from being a tour guide like Jasmine, Alex also works as a beautician in her mother’s parlor.

David Chua as Jeffrey

He is Christine’s twin brother, as well as Jasmine’s close friend. This certified nerd undergoes a makeover when he meets the love of his life.

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