Beauty Sends Her Mom Home, Andy Left PBB House

The teen council - Robi, Valerie, Rona and Priscilla - were unanimous with their decision to send Nicole's mom home and out of the Guardians Big 4 of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus but it did not happen.

The decision of the teen council was overruled by Beauty. Since Big Brother gave her the power to change the teen council’s decision, she told Big Brother to evict her mom instead because she there are other housemates who needs the prize.

So it’s Mommy Carina going home tonight for the eviction show instead of Mommy Sandy.

On the other hand, after the exit of the first “House Player ng Bayan”, Andy Guck told Big Brother that she wanted to got out, too. Andy is having a hard time inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. Just like Shy, she’s having difficulty to bond with the other housemates.

Just like Shy, she left the house without saying goodbye to them.

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