Witch Yoo Hee on GMA 7

Witch Yoo Hee, originally "Witch Amusement", is an upcoming koreanovela on GMA 7 about a beautiful witch named "Yoo Hee" starring Han Ka In of Yellow Handkerchief, Terms of Endearment and Hae Hee of To Be With You.

Witch Yoo Hee is a charming romantic-comedy with light drama set to fascinate the Filipinos’ adulation for Koreanovelas. The series heroine is Yoo Hee (Han Ka In), an advertisement planner in her father’s company who is branded as a “witch” for her austerity and assertiveness. She is always elegantly dressed and is known for her strictness in ruling the company and in dealing with her pals. Regardless of a flourishing career, Yoo Hee is unsuccessful and helpless when it comes to romance.

After countless, futile attempts to hire a housekeeper, Yoo Hee meets Marlon (Hae Hee) when his car crashed into hers. He is a former medical student who now aspires to be a chef. In order to pay off his debt to Yoo Hee, he decides to work as her housekeeper. In an unexpected turn of events, Marlon becomes Yoo Hee’s love coach and is able to change her outlook in life and love. Eventually, Marlon falls for Yoo Hee despite having a witty and devoted girlfriend, Sharmaine (Chun Hae Bin).

Yoo Hee has an unbelievable makeover from being a “witch” into a carefree, lovable stunner. Men suddenly begin to notice her because of this striking transformation. Aside from Marlon who becomes attracted to her, her long-time friend Johnny (Dennis Oh) and first love Jeremy (Kim Jung Hoon) are also drawn to her irresistible beauty.

Yoo Hee now finds her perfect and stiff composure breaking as she is torn between three good-looking lovers. How does she handle this unexpected twist in her love life? Can Yoo Hee the “witch” face her demons and embrace this transformation with open arms?

Witch Yoo Hee premieres on May 19, 2008, Monday, right after Coffee Prince Rewind replacing anime series Flame of Recca.

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