Songbird – Regine Velasquez’ Weekly Musical on GMA

songbird.JPGSongbird is an upcoming weekly musical show on GMA featuring the ultimate diva Regine Velasquez. Each episode, Regine will sing some of the most popular songs and compositions of some of the world's best singers and composers. This will start airing on May 15, Thursday, after The Legend on GMA.

Regine is vey thankful to GMA-7 because she always dreamed of having a musical show and now it’s a reality.

Every week there’s a different theme in Songbird featuring different artists, songwriters and genre and even movie themes. Regine will be singing seven to eight songs and a 5-minute medley.

Aside from the unique concept of Songbird, Regine is also very proud of her show’s stage design.

One of Regine’s guests on the pilot episode of Songbird is Richard Gomez, her leading man in the movie Pangarap Ko ay Ibigin Ka and the drama series Forever In My Heart. She will have a hand in picking guests for future episodes.

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