Romantic Princess – ABS-CBN

Romantic Princess is an upcoming romantic drama from ABS-CBN based from the Japanese manga "Four Steps to Romance". The Taiwanese series will star asian heartthrob Wu Chun (Hana Kimi), Calvin Chen (member of Farenheit) and Angela Chang (Love at Dolphin Bay, My MVP Valentine).


Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai (Angela zhang) has always had a dream to be an heiress. Finally, this dream comes true. Xiao Mai’s biological grandfather is the head of a prestigious aristocratic family and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter. As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be. In the family, there are 4 candidates in which one of them will become the heir of the family, one of which is Nan Feng Jin (Wu Chun). Hatred soon turns to love as Xiao Mai and Nan Feng Jin’s relationship starts to unravel.

:: Watch the ABS-CBN teaser for Romantic Princess

:: Romantic Princess Trailer (Taiwanese)

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