‘Hot Shot’ Starring Jerry Yan and Wu Chun Soon on ABS-CBN

hotshot.jpgABS-CBN has bought the franchise of Hot Shot, a highly anticipated Taiwanese drama series that will take the whole Asia by storm! The last time that Taiwan triggered an unprecedented wave that swept the region was when they released Meteor Garden in 2001.

Taiwan’s 3 biggest male idols join forces to make ‘Hot Shot’ the country’s biggest television export since Meteor Garden. It will star Jerry Yan of Meteor Garden and member of the boyband F4; Wu Chun of Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess and member of the boyband Farenheit; and Show Luo, pop star and host.

This is unlike any other drama, “Hot Shot” has very high production cost. They plan to film 90 minute episodes, 13 in total, $60 Million TWD. They’re planning to release this drama in the summer of 2008 in complement with the Olympics fever. Eventually, it will also hit other Asian countries that include: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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