Philippine Transformers

Nope, these are not those stars who were transformed by Belo and Calayan. These are actually Philippine vehicles being transformed into robots, thus they are called "Philippine Transformers." Meet Bumblejeep, Boundary, Optibus Prime and the rest of the gang after the jump...


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KAGAWADZZ – A Barangay is considered to be the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. It is headed by Barangay Officials, where 7 Barangay Councils or Barangay Kagawads are included. In the picture, the red vehicle is the one used by Kagawads and other officials when roaming around the Barangay.

MEGATREN – Mega is a prefix meaning large or huge; Tren when translated into English means Train, so Megatren stands for Big Trains (i.e. MRT and LRT). This is one of the most popular transportation vehicles Filipinos use, because it’s fast and easily accessible to almost all of the key cities in Manila.

OPTIBUS PRIME – While the buses in Hong Kong are made of two stories, here in the Philippines it’s only one. This is widely used by many, especially when commuting to provinces accessible by land.

BOUNDARY – Tricycles are the three-wheeled vehicles usually used when commuting from one place to another within a short distance. It makes use of a motorcycle attached with something for 2-3 passengers to be accommodated. Their initial earnings called boundaries are what they pay to the owners of the tricycle they are driving, while the rest of their earnings after a certain amount has been reached goes to the drivers already.

COLORUM – This is the term called to those public transportation vehicles such as buses and FX’s operating without a franchise, which simply means that they are illegally transferring passengers from one point to another.

BARRICAB – Taxi or what is also called as Cab is another public commuting vehicle that other countries also have. It’s very prominent to those people who don’t want to ride a public vehicle with other strangers with them. This costs more than other transportation vehicles, with Php30 as its base rate and an increase of Php2.50 every after several seconds or minutes.

SEMBREAKER – In most schools in the Philippines, they run in semesters. It is a teaching period including 13 teaching weeks and a one week study period followed by examinations. After each semester, there is about one week of break called Sembreak.

BUMBLEJEEP – Jeepneys are one of the trademarks that you are in the Philippines. With gazillions of them running down the streets and making it so traffic, one would surely recognize them.

Walang ganyan sa States!

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