Heartthrob Alert: Wu Chun

wuzun11.jpgWu Chun (aka Wu Zun) is one of the hottest rising star in Asia; famous as a member of the Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit and for his various TV drama roles, including the popular “Hana Kimi” and “Romantic Princess”. His real name is Goh Kiat Chun and he was born on October 10, 1980 in Brunei. Wu Chun is 181 cm. tall and works as an actor, model and singer.

Wu Chun was born in a rich family in Brunei. He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and worked as a model and fitness coach before starting his entertainment career in Taiwan in 2005.

Wu Chun made a couple of TV drama’s cameo appearances before being introduced as a member of boy-band Fahrenheit in late 2005.

Wu Chun starred in his first leading role in early 2006 in TV drama “Tokyo Juliet”, co-starring actress Ariel Lin. His appearance gained wide notice from drama fans; and alongside with the rising fame of Fahrenheit… Wu Chun was becoming the hottest rising star in Taiwan.

In late 2006, Wu Chun starred in another TV drama “Hana Kimi” with Ella Chen (from popular girls group S.H.E); the drama was a great hit, and Wu Chun becomes one of the most popular artists in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Wu Chun’s latest drama is “Romantic Princess”, co-starring pop star Angela Chang, which is quite popular as well.

Wu Chun is currently filming a drama series with popular Asian heartthrobs Jerry Yan and Show Luo.

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