Adam Jasinski Wins Big Brother (US) Season 9

On the live finale of Big Brother 9, the 7 jury members (composed of the last 7 evicted houseguests) cast their votes on who should win the $500,000.00 grand prize and 6 of them voted for PR Manager Adam Jasinski.

adam-jasinski.jpgHere’s the transcript of the interview of the final two by the jury members:

Matt: What are you going to do with $500,000?
Adam: $100k will start an after school program.
Ryan: Help mom and do something nice for Jen and himself. (Josh hates this answer for some reason.)

Sharon: Why did you feed me all those things?
Ryan: Fought for you to stay all week.

Chelsia: I’m a bitter whiny bitch (still), and my question doesn’t matter.

Joshuah: Ryan won more competitions.
Adam: The game isn’t just about competitions. Lost fairly in the last competition.
Josh: By the way, I’m bitter, too.

James: Adam, what makes you a better competitor, and why do you belong there instead of Sheila?
Adam: Minimized risk and won when needed.

Natalie: Baller, why didn’t you take me to the final three?
Adam: Was just honoring the wishes of the HOH.

Natalie: Why didn’t you keep your word?
Ryan: No real answer, but it was a hard decision.

Sheila: Why did you lie to my face?
Adam: Again, didn’t throw the last competition.

Josh and Chelsia have had a month to get over themselves. Unfortunately, they still haven’t. It’s a good thing that BB10’s coming up soon because that means the last we’ll ever see of either of them will be within a couple months from now.

It’s time for the jury to vote. Hopefully they’re able to show more class than they have thus far.

Matt: You did a great job. One of you is taking me to Vegas after this.

Natalie: I love you even though you suckers voted me out. I’m gonna go with my gut instinct.

Joshuah: I’m going to vote for the person who played hard in every competition and has a backbone.

Sharon: I decided on who I felt was the most loyal.

Sheila: Very easy decision after the roundtable. Hope honesty, loyalty, and trust had something to do with this.

James: I hope you party away this money.

Chelsia: I want you to do what you said at the roundtable.

The jury’s votes were as follows:

:: Matt voted for Adam
:: Natalie voted for Adam
:: Joshuah voted for Ryan
:: Sheila voted for Adam
:: Sharon voted for Adam
:: James voted for Adam
:: Chelsia voted for Adam

Ryan Quicksall, the 2nd placer, went home with US$ 50,000.00.

James, this season’s “Veto King”, was voted by the audience to win the special cash prize of US$ 25,000.00.

Adam promised to donate $100,000.00 for a charity dedicated to autism.

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