Jason Castro – I Don’t Wanna Cry (Studio Version) Music & Lyrics

Last week on American Idol, the 3 remaining guys hit their all-time best performances. Big thanks to Mariah Carey, who was their mentor in the "Mariah Carey" week. Just like David Cook, Jason Castro received rave reviews for his arrangement and interpretation of "I Don't Wanna Cry", a Mariah Carey ballad which was a huge hit in the 90s. The rendition was unique and Jason made the song his own as if it was a brand new single being released. Check out the studio version of the song (with lyrics) after the jump...


Once again we sit in silence
After all is said and done
Only emptiness inside us
Baby, look what we’ve become
We can make a million promises
But we still won’t change
It isn’t right to stay together
When we only bring each other pain

I don’t wanna cry
Don’t wanna cry
Nothing in the world
Could take us back
To where we used to be
Though I’ve given you my heart and soul
I must find a way of letting go
‘Cause baby, I don’t wanna cry

Too far apart to bridge the distance
But something keeps us hanging on and on
Pretending not to know the difference
Denying what we had is gone
Every moment we’re together
It’s just breaking me down
I know we swore it was forever
But it hurts too much to stay around

Repeat Chorus

All the magic’s gone
There’s just a shadow of a memory
Something just went wrong
We can’t go on like this, baby
On like this, baby

Repeat Chorus

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